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We want you to be "in the know" about our church, school and youth ministry.
Subscribing to any or all of our Email Newsletters is a great way to stay "in the know."
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Every email you get will have a link at the bottom where you can "UN-subscribe" if you want to be taken off the ALL the lists altogether, or another link (called "Update Profile/Email Address") where you can change your preferences.

Here is a brief description of each of the email list options you'll see when you sign up:
Area-Wide News:  Concerts, Special Events, etc. that may be of interest to anyone in the Wenatchee area.  This could include events sponsored by other area Adventist Churches or other Christian organizations.  These will be very occasional.
Church News:  News specifically for members and friends of the Wenatchee Adventist Church.
Youth News:  News about events planned by our Youth Ministry Teams or of interest to youth around the valley.
Young Adult News:  News and events for 18-35 year-olds around the area.
Prayer & Praise:  This is for people who are willing to pray for special requests and like to read about answers to prayer.  This will come out on an "as-needed" basis.  There will always be a link in this email to submit prayer requests you'd like shared as well.
CCA School News:  This is for anyone interested in what is going on around our awesome school, Cascade Christian Academy (CCA).